Home Decor Sewing Classes

Learn how to make a Simple Pillow and build up to a Piped Cushion

Home décor is an expression of your individual personality and style.  Taking this class will help you make it easy.


        Simple Pillow                      Pillow with piping                   Box pillow with buttons                                     Cushion    

This is a set of classes that starts with a simple pillow and finishes with a cushion.

You can take private classes as well or purchase a package of hours.

You will learn how to install a zipper, custom make welting (piping), upholster buttons and build a perfect cushion.

Sewing classes will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays.  

Sewing Studio Schedule

( Evening classes)

Wednesday  5:30 pm to 8:30 pm  
September 5,12,19,26.   (CLASS IS FULL)

 ( Morning classes)

Friday  9:30 am to 12:30 pm 
August 31. September 7,14,21.  (CLASS IS FULL)

Introductory  Home Decor Class- Minimum class size 4- 

Class duration 3 hours depending on project.

Simple Pillow - Piping Pillow - Box pillow with buttons - Cushion class


Sewing and reupholstery class packages are interchangeable.


Available Packages for class hours :

Quarter package 7 hours for $125

Half package 14 hours for $200

Regular package 28 hours for $350

Double package 60 hours for $700 (4 free hours included in this package over the regular package)

Choose your Hours Package

Advanced Decor pillow class:

This class requires intermediate sewing skill, and a completion of the introductory pillow class.

Make beautiful pillows and bolsters for bedroom, living room, etc.