Upholstery Classes supplies

First Class (Supplies)

1.Chair                                                        7. Garbage bag

2.Staple remover                                        8. Note pad & pen

3.Needle Nose pliers                                    9. Black Sharpie marker

4.Small Hammer                                       10. Camera or cell phone ( to take pictures)

5.Tack puller                                              11. Fabric Scissors

6.Eye protection                                         12. Tape measure


Depending on your project you may need:

Cotton batting, Dacron, foam, foam adhesive, welt cording, tacking strips, flexible metal tack, cardboard tack strip, cambric.



Sewing Class Supplies


Students must bring their own sewing machine to the classroom.

1. Sewing machine. Any machine that makes nice stitch.

2. Extra sewing machine needles (a packet with different sizes is good)

3. Fabric scissors

4. Tape measure

5. Long ruler

6. Tailor's chalk

7. Seam ripper

8. Pins( Ball head long pins)

If you have Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat is will be great!


Material for first project (Simple pillow)

1) 1/2 yd cotton print fabric

2) Tread

3) Insert pillow 18" x 18"