Picture Gallery







Helen's original Channel back chair


removing front back


Seat done

Installing the channel back 

Finished Channel back chair 

Sarah's original chair

removing  materials

 Sarah tying the springs

Sarah's 1/2 done chair

Finished chair with beautiful graffiti fabric


 Eva's original chair

 Eva is tufting fabric with buttons

Seat and front back almost done

Eva hugging her beautiful chair

Finished Eva's Tufted chair

Georgie's little chair

 New seat cushion on chair

   She is working placing new fabric

 Rebuilding new back on little chair

Finished her beautiful chair on a print fabric

Bryana's original wingback chair

Removing deck fabric

   Wingback chair front is ready

Attaching the metal tacking strip

Finished chair with beautiful Texture fabric

Linda's original wingback chair

Linda removing fabric from her chair

Copying pattern to cowhide

Reupholstering outside wing

Wingback chair on cowhide and faux leather


Alice's highback chair

Alice removing staples from underneath her chair

Getting ready to cut fabric, Alice choose five patterns

Alice's finished chair is a beautiful make over, adding a button on a the front back

Alice's finished highback chair with five  different patterns of Jacquard fabric, legs painted black

Jade's original chair

Jade working with her friend


After removing old materials, they refinished the wood and reupholstered the seat bottom


Working together to staple fabric to the back of the chair

Finished chair on soft black Chenille

Jennifer 's wingback chair

Removing the side panels the on chair

   She removed front back, inside wings, and outside panels

Jennifer sewing piping for her chair

Finished wingback chair on print Jacquard with with blue piping

Marlyn's original chair

Starting to remove the front back of the chair

Cleaning old materials

Adding upholstered buttons on chair

Finished chair with beautiful Texture fabric

Nancy's original chair

Detaching piping from the removed fabric which becomes the future pattern

Ready to start reupholstering

Nancy finished stapling new vinyl to the seat and side arm

Finished chair on alligator vinyl print

Jennifer's original chair

Jennifer and Randy working together to mold  Ultra Suede fabric to the arm of the chair

Randy working on the back of chair

Randy closing back of chair with this beautiful striped Jacquard

Finished chair with Ultra Suede and striped Jacquard on the back

Leah's original chair

Leah is happy to begin removing the old faded fabric

Stapling inside arm, after positioning the fascia cover over the arm front

Placing and stapling the flexible metal strip on the back of the chair

Chair upholstered with Texture fabric and new wood feet

 Lori's wingback chair

 Lori removing old fabric

Jackie checking quality on work and getting ready to install the outside back

Stapling the flexible metal strip

Finished wingback chair with Faux Leather and Western Tapestry panel

Cheryl's original recliner chair on Vinyl


Cheryl cleaning up old staples on the disassembled recliner (left).  Rebuilt padding and redesigned arms of recliner for a totally new look (right).

Working on closing the outside arm panels, then it's ready to assemble the recliner back together

Recliner finished with front back, arm rests, and foot rest redesigned

Finished recliner in Cheryl's house with beautiful green Jacquard, a totally new look for a comfortable recliner.

Lisa's original Leather chair was bought with a hole chewed by a dog

Lisa removing decorative upholstery tacks

Cleaning up and measuring padding

Starting reupholstery by attaching the deck cover

Finished with Faux Leather, reupholstered buttons, and decorative tacks

Christine's "Princess" chair


Removing skirt from the chair, later refinishing wood legs, skirt will be history

Chair after removing front back showing shape of frame

After side arms in place moving to work on deck


Finished chair with Chenille fabric and buttons with contrasting black fabric

 Leslie's old leather chair

Leslie happy to start her art piece. This chair has been waiting for 15 years and now she is taking staples out

Cleaning the patterns and enjoying the experience of a new task

Rebuilding arm rest

Finished chair with two different cowhides and using decorative tacks on the back

Nancy's chair

Removing her first piece, the cambric or dust cover

Checking for webbing quality.  Then after sanding her chair, she applied wood finish stain, giving a rich color to the chair


 Finished chair on Texture fabric with a chocolate color trim gimp on the frame

Sheryl's chair

Sheryl and Louie working together removing old fabric

Chair cushion rebuilt with new foam and batting

Louie being funny, making us laugh with his fantastic humor

Finished with Jacquard print and Texture fabric, a beautiful color combination

Patricia's chair

All original fabric off 

Reupholstery begins

Michael helping on the side

Finished with two Jacquard prints

Andrea's recliner chair

Removing the outside back

Andrea working on her seat cushion after disassembling the recliner

Back of recliner redesigned, adding one piece of fabric to the front back and buttons, ready to assemble

Finished recliner with Texture and Chenille fabrics

Kathleen's antique wingback chair

Gregory and "Katy" starting the project, removing the cambric dust cover


Exposing wood frame of the front back chair, showing gap where the fabric travels to the back

Entire front of chair is done, great team job!

Finished wingback chair with Jacquard

Michael's original love seat

Exposing metal tacking strip

Michael and Patricia installing side panel

Patricia sewing piping


Finished love seat on alligator Vinyl print

Classroom having fun

Gregory working on his love seat

Jennifer adding cording to the wing

VSA classroom

Cheryl relaxing on her new recliner!

Jackie guiding Cheryl on the next step

Cheryl starts removing fabric on another chair!

Alice working on her double cording

Jackie showing how to install a button

Becki and Nancy adding buttons

Patrick discussing how to refinish back of foot rest

Demostrating how to glue a gimp

Nancy placing and gluing gimp

Back of Lisa's chair showing decorative tacks

Lisa enjoying her finished chair!

Patrick building his seat cushion

Jennifer and Jackie discussing her wingback chair

Mary being pretty!

Patrick, Andrea, and Randy working

Christine laughing!

Mary sewing piping

Mary sewing piping with Jackie watching

Jackie demonstrating how to insert a cushion pad into its cushion cover

Using a plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner to extract air from cushion pad

Easy to insert cushion cover, removing plastic bag afterwards

Nancy working on ottoman skirt

VSA classroom

Nancy seated on her new alligator chair

 Leah posing, very proud of her work

Jennifer and Jackie


Demo Classes and Sewing Classes by Jackie

Demo Class: Coffee table becomes a bench


Demo: Attaching a welting cording to the cushion cover


Demo: Finish attaching decor tassels to the bench


Demo: Finished bench from a coffee table

Demo: Making a cornice box

Demo: Making a headboard

Demo: Making a decorated throw blanket

Demo:  Making a slipcover for a chair

Demo: Designing a headboard

Headboard demonstration 

Headboard finished

Jackie doing a mini bedding "Demo"

Reupholstery demo audience

Jackie teaching sewing classes

Wildflower Village Art center

Sewing classes at Wildflower